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NERO Research


1 Pyro Valve
2 Homing device
3 Validation gyroscope
4 Flight calculation software
5 Finite State
NERO does  research on rocket related topics.
On these pages you'll find articles on a number of these researched topics.


Pyro Valve [Contents] [Top]

Blue=new Red=visited An interesting article about the design of pyro valves for liquid propellant propulsed rockets.


Homing device [Contents] [Top]

Blue=new Red=visited At this page we will explain how to build a very small tracking transmitter used by Radio Amateurs for fox hunting. The objective of a fox-hunt is to locate a hidden transmitter in as short as possible a time. This basically covers the need of many rocketry amateurs who are very eager to find their precious equipment back.


Gyroscope [Contents] [Top]

Blauw=nieuw Rood=bezocht Since ten years the company Murata from Japan produces compact low-budget solid state gyroscopes. Because of their very small size these gyroscopes are ideal for application in amateur rockets. However it was not clear whether this gyroscope would qualify for application in rockets. This contribution has been made by Bernard.


FLIGHT [Contents] [Top]

Blue=new Red=visited FLIGHT is a program For the calculation of two dimensional rocket trajectories. This program has been developed by Mark Veltena and is free downloadable. Read The English usage instructions.


Finite State Machines [Contents] [Top]

Blue=new Red=visited Link A Finite State Machine is a (programming) technique that will solve all kinds of control problems in a very elegant way by using a two dimensional table. A FSM is used for flight control of the H7 and has proven its value by aborting a flight and therewith save the rocket. This contribution has been made by Jeroen Brinkman.