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NERO Projects Hx Rockets Parachutes

The parachutes

Not yet available.

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Making the parachutes of the H6

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The drogue parachute of the H6a.

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Making the parachutes of the H7

Folding the parachutes of the H10a

The folded parachute from the H10a with the spinner, that prevents the lines being wind up when the parachute spins.

The parachutes from the H11b. Clearly visible are the pilot parachute, spinner, sleeve, main parachute, spinner and riser.
The beacon transmitter as used in the H11e. The transmitter is as small as a 9V battery and is put in a small bag attached to the parachute. The transmitter will start sending when it detects light (more than 10 lumen). This makes it possible to store the transmitter in working order in the parachute bay of the rocket. It will only start transmitting after the critical phase of the flight has been over and gives a powerful signal, since it is out of the rocket in the open air.