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NERO Projects H6 Rocket Substructure

The design of the substructure

During the design of the H6 rocket, it was necessary to fit the electronics into a compartment with a length of 50 cm. The substructure was designed for this purpose. The basis for the design of the substructure is that the loads from the motor are exerting a tensile load on the substructure. That's why the substructure is suspended onto the joint ring between the electronics compartment and the parachute compartment. Since the substructure is hanging from this joint ring, it can be designed lighter than could be done for a structure which is subjected to compressive loads (buckling). This concept of a free-hanging structure is applied in the H6 rocket for the first time. Another advantage of this design is that repairs and tests of the electronics are simpler to execute. The entire substructure can be removed from the electronics compartment.

Blue=new Red=Visited
53.9 kB
Design drawing of the substructure in which the H6 electronics is mounted.

19.7 kB
The substructure (left) for mounting the H6 electronics.

35.6 kB
The fully equipped substructure, being inserted in the electronics compartment.