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NERO Projects E-36 Rocket

The E-36 Rocket - The first European Hybrid rocket

1 Design
2 Flight
Most amateur rocket motors use solid fuels. Hybrid rocket motors use a combination of liquid and solid fuels. Read all about the first hybrid rocket in Europe. 




Design [Top] [Contents]

The E-36 is a rocket which is powered by the HY-4000 motor. This is a hybrid rocket motor with a total impulse of 3800 Ns (4000 Ns was intended), i.e. a motor of the "L"-class. This motor is developed by NERO-Eindhoven. The rocket is constructed around a commercial available aluminium tubing, and weight about 14 kg at lift-off. The rocket is equipped with a dual stage parachute system. The drogue chute is released at apogee. At approximately 500 meter the main parachute is released. The rocket was originally designed to achieve an altitude of 3000 meter, which is about the maximum launching altitude in The Netherlands. The E-36 rocket was successfully launched September 20, 1996.

Look at a drawing from the E36

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HY-4000 Motor





Flight [Top] [Contents]

Blue=new Red=visited Link E-36 flight results, measured data and conclusions (in Dutch).
Blue=new Red=visited Photo's and sound-files of the E-36 flight
program Download
Rene Geraets wrote a very nice program to replay all measurements during flight. The program is written in Delphi, and runs under Windows 3.1x. It allows to process transmitter data (via serial port), but has also a replay capability by selection an .inp file. By changing the WARP factor, the replay speed can be modified. Enjoy!